Where Does Suffolk County Begin in Long Island? A Comprehensive Guide

The eastern end of Suffolk County is divided into two peninsules, known as North Fork and South Fork. It comprises 1,000 square miles of the eastern two-thirds of Long Island, stretching 120 miles into the Atlantic Ocean, east of New York City. The distance from the Nassau County border to Montauk Point is 86 miles, and at the widest point in Suffolk County, the distance from Long Island Sound to the south coast is 26 miles. Dutchman Adrian Block was the first explorer to make landfall at the tip of Montauk in 1614, where he encountered Native Americans.

The first white resident was Lion Gardiner, who settled in 1639 on the island, between the north and south forks. Gardiner Island still bears his family name. English colonists crossed Long Island Sound from the Connecticut and Massachusetts colonies, founding Southold and Southampton (1640), East Hampton (164), Shelter Island (165), and Setauket, in Brookhaven (165). Dutch colonists moved east from Manhattan Island. By the middle of the 17th century, the Dutch had ceded control of eastern Long Island to the English. From the early years of colonization, densely wooded forests provided wood that Long Islanders cut and shipped as firewood and board material for local boat and home builders.

As the land was cleared, the rich cultivated area was cultivated. Fishing and shipbuilding were other early industries. Until the 1850s, whaling was an important source of income. The sheriff, an elected official serving a four-year term, directs the two Suffolk County correctional centers (in Yaphank and Riverhead), is responsible for the security and detention of the county courts, the notification and enforcement of civil documents, evictions and court orders. At a meeting of colonial representatives, the Charter of Liberties and Privileges was adopted (November 1, 1968), which established Suffolk County as a political entity and as one of the 12 original counties of the province of New York, and laid the foundations of the current political subdivisions and governmental structure of the State. Suffolk County (Long Island) borders Nassau County to the west and is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.

Along with Southold Town, Riverhead Town experienced the largest population increase among cities in western Suffolk County since the last census. Southold, one of the smallest towns in Suffolk County on Long Island, is known for its vineyards, quiet beaches, and friendly residents. The island is the smallest of all Suffolk County cities by population, although it experienced the most substantial population growth inthe past decade. Long Island is characterized by an intense sense of localism in its numerous Nassau County and Suffolk County communities. Its quaint historic towns, rocky North Coast beaches and calm waters, white sand and breakwaters of Fire Island, reliable winds, and safe harbors to navigate make tourism one of Suffolk County's main industries.

Located in southeastern Suffolk County on South Fork Long Island is Southampton which is ranked sixth on the list of Suffolk County cities by population. The Long Island Railroad, Hampton Jitney, and Hampton Luxury Liner connect Suffolk County to New York City. The State University Police has jurisdiction in Suffolk County at Stony Brook University and Farmingdale State College. It occupies central and eastern part of Long Island on eastern edge of New York State. When people refer to Long Island they are referring to both Nassau County and Suffolk County together.

It has most lighthouses of any county in United States with 15 out of 26 original lighthouses still standing. If you've settled in a Suffolk County town to build your home Zippboxx is here to help you get settled in without hassle stress or hard work. The Sheriff's Office is also responsible for protecting all county properties such as county government office buildings and Suffolk County Community College campuses. Suffolk County is a beautiful place with a rich history that dates back centuries. From its stunning beaches to its vibrant townships to its bustling cities - there's something for everyone here! Whether you're looking for a quiet getaway or an exciting adventure - you'll find it all here! So come explore this amazing county - you won't be disappointed!.

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