The Best Shopping Spots in Suffolk County, New York

Are you searching for the top places to shop in Suffolk County, New York? Look no further! From Tanger Outlets Riverhead to The Shoppes At East Wind, there are plenty of great stores to explore. Downtown Riverhead has seen tremendous revitalization in recent years, and is now filled with historic gems and stunning riverfront views, commerce, eateries and leisure activities. Close to the Tanger Outlets Shopping Center, Riverhead has become a first-rate destination, especially along its main street. This is a very family-friendly center, as the Long Island Aquarium draws visitors from all over.

The Shoppes At East Wind is another great shopping spot in Suffolk County. This increasingly walkable mall is home to dozens of newly opened stores, including clothing and jewelry boutiques. Long Island has some of the best shopping in the area, with plenty of local store options ranging from high-end to low-key stores. You can also find plenty of food options in case you need a snack or something along the way. No matter what you buy — well-known brands, antiques, handmade furniture, or souvenirs — you'll find it in Suffolk County.

From golf to live shows to a peaceful day at the beach, Suffolk County offers everyone a reason to visit, especially shoppers. Long Island is home to two cities, 13 towns, nearly 100 villages, and dozens of hamlets that stretch from Manhasset to Montauk, and offer numerous picturesque shopping destinations in central Nassau and Suffolk counties. So if you're looking for the best places to go shopping in Suffolk County, New York, you won't be disappointed. Whether you're looking for high-end stores or quaint boutiques, there's something for everyone!.

Jonathan Souder
Jonathan Souder

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